Manny Acta got Served!!!

I attended last nights depressing Nationals game. Shawn Hill once again demonstrated that he is not up to pitch right now, but that was not what prompted me to write this entry. Dimitri Young, Dukes, and Lopez play were crazy lazy. Lo Duca left because of light headedness. One fan claimed Lo Duca puked in left field, I missed that and cannot confirm. Forgive me while I question his feeling like crap, its not nice, but after watching the pathetic display on the field the whole thing stinks. What prompted me to write this were the words of a young baseball fan sitting behind me, the kid could not have been more than 5 or 6 years old. His words were a reply to Hill (a righty pitcher) walking (intentionally) a lefty hitter early in the game with 2 outs, and men on second and third.

"He has no home runs!"

Those words were true - the hitter had no home runs. I am not going to question the whole, walking a lefty to get a righty stuff, but the Nats were already in the hole 6 runs at that point. We were certainly not fighting to take the lead given the score. The words brought a rare smile to my face, and those around us, in a game that was complete torture. I would rather watch KKK-Clint ignore anyone of color in his stupid little give-aways than watch the Nats dog it like they did last night. What stuck with me is that such a young fan could be so right in calling out the Nats and Manny Acta. That kid should be dreaming of catching foul balls, and a Nats comeback, not accepting the reality of his team. How can we let this happen!? Its painful to watch and I blame the entire Nats organization for destroying that little boys evening. Even if he did have fun, he should not be forced to face the harsh reality - the Nats suck.

The Nats could have at least dive and run - make some of those little effort plays that sometimes make all the difference, but they didn't. They strained, struggled, possibily even puked but forgot the most important thing of all - their job, which incase any Nats are reading is to play ball. We remind them every night right before the game, so 'PLAY BALL' Nationals, win lose, just play ball already. The DL excuse is getting pathetic, this is your team, your season, and your crappy record. Frank Robinson never would have let you get this bad.

That's right, this is pay back for pissing on our hall of fame manager - Frank Robinson. Frank would have made sure that if nothing else guys made the effort. I like what you can do when the Nats are winning, Manny, but REAL managers bring their team through these situations with class and respect for the game. The Angels pulled their best hitter because they saw the same thing a little boy did - a bunch of pansies in baseball uniforms.